Working It Out

These days, more employers are adopting mother- and baby-friendly attitudes that make breastfeeding and working easier. Since experts agree that “breastmilk is the best milk” for baby’s health, breastfeeding is on the rise. Some employers now offer in-house lactation rooms complete with chairs, pumps and even lactation consultants. This policy is obviously a boon to new moms as well as employers. Breastfed babies are less likely to get sick, which keeps working moms at work.

Basic necessities for working and nursing moms include clean bottles , a private place for expressing and a refrigerator for milk storage . Women should speak with their employers to ensure that a private place will be available for them, and that their co-workers will be supportive of their pumping practices. Even in workplaces that don’t have lactation rooms, any private place where you feel secure will do the trick. You may have limited success if you’re nervous about someone walking in on you. A “Please Don’t Disturb” sign on the door could prevent this. Once you’re settled with your pump in your office, a conference room or wherever, try to relax and think about your baby to stimulate your let-down reflex.

Expressed milk may be kept at room temperature for up to 10 hours; bottles pumped during the day can also be taken home in an insulated cooler with ice packs. Some mothers who work close to home may also have the option of going home or having the baby brought to work at feeding times. To allow you to pump less and breastfeed more, ask your sitter to delay late-afternoon feedings until you can get home and feed your baby. In addition, working breastfeeding moms often choose to keep baby close by at night to offer extra feedings and reassure baby that mom is near.

The health benefits for both mother and baby outweigh the debatable extra time required for nursing and working. Breastfeeding is the best way for one-on-one bonding, especially when you are away from your baby all day. Establishing a routine and preparing for the big transition from home to work is probably the most important step in making the change easier for you and your child.

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