Urinary Problems and Control Your Bladder

Urinary release depends on your physical requirements. However, what if you have a problem when you don’t have any control over your bladder? Immediately, you feel like you have to urinate but you are not able to control this? There might be another problem that is causing this condition.

Urinary incontinence is losing control of your bladder. It could be short term or last forever, considering the type of incontinence. Clients are ashamed to have incontinence. Clothes and sheets are wet and a bad smell develops. The person doesn’t feel comfortable. A person might risk falling down when they are hurrying to the toilet. It affects people’s pride and self-respect. Some people stay away from activities, don’t leave their residence, or go to other people’s homes because they are afraid that they will be incontinent in a public location.

Reasons for Incontinence: Considering the type of incontinence someone has, there are various reasons. Five kinds of incontinence exist.

Stress Incontinence.

This is usually known as dribbling. This happens when people laugh, sneeze, cough, pick up something, or do additional activities. The later stages of pregnancy and being overweight are two other major reasons that it happens with females. The muscles in the pelvis are not as strong because of pregnancies and getting older.

Urge Incontinence.

Urgency is defined as leaking urine before you arrive to the bathroom. Urine that is released as a reaction to an immediate urgent requirement to empty. Someone can’t make it to the toilet soon enough. This brings on urinary tract infections, nervous system problems, cancer of the bladder, and makes the prostrate larger.

Overflow Incontinence.

Urine drips out when there is too much in the bladder. Typical reasons for this are being a diabetic, having an enlarged prostate, and several medicines.

Functional Incontinence.

This is not being able to hold onto urine when a person has control of their bladder but can’t make it to the toilet quick enough. The reasons are being immobile, being restrained, unanswered requests for assistance, not being able to get hold of the call bell, and not being aware of where the bathroom is. Other reasons are being confused, disoriented, and having problems taking off clothing.

Reflex Incontinence.

It is urine dripping at predictable times. Typical reasons for reflex incontinence are nervous system problems and injuries.

More reasons for incontinence come from operations on the intestines, rectum, and reproduction system. For females, thin and dry skin in the vagina or urethra, specifically following menopause, and with males, an enlarged prostate gland or a prostate operation. Vascular disease is an additional reason. Two other reasons for urinary incontinence are Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

Natural Bladder Control for Men and Women

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