Pheromone Sprays and Their Effect Between Individuals

It is a known fact that perfume designers and makers are quite knowledgeable about pheromones and their subconscious effect between individuals. If you regularly buy pheromone perfume and cologne, understanding this scientific study will prove to be a good investment when you buy higher quality beauty merchandise.
First of all, let us familiarize ourselves with pheromones. Like molecules that hover in the atmosphere, our skin excretes pheromones, particularly on the upper lip, in the groin area, and under the armpits. Each person has a different pheromone that, when it is attached with the VNO receptors in someone else’s nose, can set off that “love at first sight” attachment. The study on VNO receptors is on-going, and recent research shows that certain pheromones stimulate these receptors, opening the pleasure channel to the brain, with the result of increased blood pressure and respiration.

Armed with this knowledge, perfume designers and producers strive to make the ultimate blend of scent and covert match-making using VNO-to-pheromone connections. Well, what is the source of these pheromone additives?

Despite the rumors, perfume and cologne injected with pheromone components have not sourced those components from other human beings. Rather, through thorough study, a lot of perfume producers have been able to manufacture a synthesized pheromone product that is commonly incorporated in the pheromone based perfume, or cologne.

Successful incorporation of pheromones in perfume or cologne involves delicately balancing the scents and chemistry of the perfume to perfectly harmonize with the synthesized pheromone additive. Pheromone based perfumes and colognes can be quite expensive due to the complicated process involved in making them.

The manufacturer and perfume designer’s disclaimer is one more important note of pheromone based perfume and cologne. While pheromone science studies carry on, these products disclaim their marketing hype by saying that sex is not guaranteed, only sensuality is heightened for the consumer.

The same as when buying beauty products, when you choose your next bottle of perfume or cologne, think about one that is pheromone based. Though your actual sex life remains the same as it was, you could soon realize that you find yourself more and more attracted to the opposite sex, and that does a lot towards changing your outlook in general.

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