Vitamins During Pregnancy?

Q. What vitamins should I take while pregnant? Anything to avoid? Any multivitamin formulated especially for pregnancy and recommended by your obstetrician is fine. The key thing you’re looking for in a prenatal vitamin is extra iron and at least 400 micrograms of folic acid, which is a B vitamin. Continue reading →

Working It Out

These days, more employers are adopting mother- and baby-friendly attitudes that make breastfeeding and working easier. Since experts agree that “breastmilk is the best milk” for baby’s health, breastfeeding is on the rise. Some employers now offer in-house lactation rooms complete with chairs, pumps and even lactation consultants. Continue reading →

Can Dietary Supplements Cause Birth Defects?

I’m hoping to get pregnant soon, so I was disturbed to hear the FDA saying that pregnant women shouldn’t use supplements. Is this correct? What do you think about using herbs and other supplements during pregnancy?

I don’t blame you for being confused. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gone back and forth on whether or not supplement manufacturers can market products directly to women for treatment of pregnancy-related symptoms such as morning sickness and swollen legs.

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I’m 35 and I Don’t Know Yet…

I currently teeter on the short side of 35 years, an age known for the way it changes a woman’s perspective.

Just the other day, for example, I found myself “lunching” with an old friend, discussing the phenomenon of turning 35, or “mammogram age” as my friend so aptly put it. My imagination, unruly by nature and fueled by factual details introduced by my medical-resident husband, moved into overdrive as I secretly considered the unspeakable: 35 years is mammogram age for a woman WITH children…what about the slew of procedures and battery of tests that surround… gasp… A LATER PREGNANCY?

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My pregnancy began as a bit of a surprise…

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. My pregnancy and birth experience were fantastic and pretty much trouble free from go to whoa.

My pregnancy began as a bit of a surprise, although it shouldn’t have been!.

My cycle had always been irregular, and pregnancy scares were common, and up until now, unfounded. I was feeling really run down and tired when I first did a home pregnancy test. This came up negative. A week later, and still no period, so I did the second in the packet… again, negative. A few days later, I thought I had better go to the doc’s to get checked out…. symptoms – period overdue by 3 weeks, tiredness, sore breasts and feeling very run down. Doctor did another pregnancy test, and told me that I definately wasn’t pregnant. Continue reading →

Big Sister or Brother

Adjusting to another pregnancy and newborn baby can be just as difficult for the older child as for the parents. Couples who already have children may find that a new pregnancy will bring up issues they are not certain how to deal with. Understanding what to expect from your older child and how best to respond to potential problems will make the transition to a larger family easier for everyone.
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When you are under a doctor’s care SPEAK UP or forever hold your peace!

The only way your health professional is going to know what you want and need is if you tell them. e.g. “I want to have less pain”. “I want to have more energy”.

The only times I have been a patient was when I gave birth. All four times I needed to speak up. I am a registered nurse and I have been there and done that many times as far as trying to guess what a patient needs. Some patients seem difficult because they pester everyone. That is OK because sometimes it takes pestering to get your nurse or physician or the resident on call to pay closer attention. Demand to be informed. Demand to be included in all decisions and if you don’t understand something 100% keep asking!
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Helping Nature

For many couples they turn to AFT (Assisted Reproduction Technology), which can run over $10,000. So before spending all that money, have you considered a natural approach?

Infertility means when a couple has been trying for a year without doctor help, and still nothing happens. The causes for women can be:

* hormones imbalance
* being on birth control for long period of time
* stress
* fast food diet
* thyroid
* weight gain/loss
* blockage of fallopian tubes
* pelvic inflammatory disease
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Pregnancy and HIV

HIV is a complex disease, and can affect a pregnant woman’s health. Learn more about what can be done to optomize the chances of a healthy birth, including medication options.

It is a woman’s personal choice to have a baby or not. The same goes for an HIV positive woman. Despite contrary belief, a woman living with HIV can deliver a healthy child free of the virus. While there is no complete way to prevent it, new improvements have been made to reduce the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmissions (sometimes called vertical transmissions). There is no proof that pregnancy will speed up HIV progression rate. Likewise, there is no proof that by having HIV, it will change the way the pregnancy will carry on. There is, however, a great risk to both the mother and the child if the mother has an HIV-related opportunist infection. Opportunistic infections are diseases and sicknesses that the body, because of HIV, may not be able to fight off. Continue reading →

Dealing with Summer Pregnancy – 15 Ways to Keep Cool

Women who get pregnant in the winter, end up with a summer pregnancy. So how does one deal with the heat? There are several ways to deal with the high temperatures and humidity of the summer months, one just has to really become imaginative and determined to stay cool!
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