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For many couples they turn to AFT (Assisted Reproduction Technology), which can run over $10,000. So before spending all that money, have you considered a natural approach?

Infertility means when a couple has been trying for a year without doctor help, and still nothing happens. The causes for women can be:

* hormones imbalance
* being on birth control for long period of time
* stress
* fast food diet
* thyroid
* weight gain/loss
* blockage of fallopian tubes
* pelvic inflammatory disease

For men it can be:

* low sperm count
* slow sperm movement

One of the first things to do is to find out when you’re ovulating. You can do this by taking the temperature just before you get out of bed*. Just about two weeks before your period comes the temperature will raise a bit. You will also get vaginal discharge which will be clear in color and slippery. All these are signs that it’s a good time to try to make a baby.

You also need to change your diet. No fat, salt, MSG, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, herbicides, drugs (ex. Cocaine) when it comes to eating right. Do you remember learning about the food pyramid? Well it’s time to follow that.

Vitamins can also help with infertility. Many of them are found in the foods you eat.

For men:
-Can help with male impotence.

Vitamin E
-Can helps the sperm impregnate.

Oral L-Carnitine
-This can help sperm movement.

Vitamin C
-Can help takes out toxic metals.

For women:
Vitamin B6
-Can helps progesterone and estrogen balance.

-Can helps increases fertility.

-Can helps with normal body chemistry

Vitiam B12
-Can helps with normal reproductive function

Bioflavonoids (broccoli, green peppers, parsley)
-Can helps achieve a healthy uterine lining.

In Chinese medicine they see the body has a whole. So when there is a problem (in this case infertility), they don’t just look at that. They try to find out what else is going on in the body and mind. Where is the imbalance? So keep that in mind when you’re reading this.

To increase pelvic blood flow you can have hot and cold sitz bath, to help with fallopian tube obstruction, and ovulation. You can try laser acupuncture, retention enemas, or shot of sage root into the endometrial nodes. Also it states you shouldn’t have sex during your period. It causes imbalance engery, and can cause edometrial tissue into the pelvic cavity.

Acupuncture release obstruction from the five centers of the body which are the liver, spleen, heart, lung, and kidney. In Chinese medicine the kidney system is considered the head of the reproductive system.

There are many different herbs out there to help. I’m going to name a few.

-Can helps with the male organ.

-Can helps with thyroid problem

Red Berry
- This helps with hormones in the kidneys.

Ju Jing Powder
-Can helps men with abnormal sperm. It’s a drink with different herbs in it.

From knowing your body, changing your diet, using vitams, herbs and acuputure. It call all help to naturally have a baby. The idea is to not lose hope and keep your mind open to all options.

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