Fertility-Awareness Method of Birth Control

The fertility-awareness method (FAM) is a more scientific version of the rhythm method. Women who rely on fertility awareness use a combination of thermometers, calendars, cervical mucus observation, and sometimes other tests to determine exactly when they are ovulating. During the fertile period around her ovulation date, the woman and her partner either abstain from intercourse or use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy. This will usually involve 9-11 days of abstinence use or other reliable protection each month.

Fertility awareness is not just a contraceptive method, though. It has many other possibilities. Fertility awareness can also be used to conceive , to detect a pregnancy (which can sometimes be identified by a rise in body temperature), to confirm a woman’s suspected limited fertility , and to help understand and alleviate symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle. Indeed, it is a good idea for every woman to have some insight into her menstrual cycle, regardless of her contraceptive method.

Fertility awareness is not the most effective form of birth control, but it is one of the most “natural.” The reasons for using this method vary, but it’s a good option for many. A woman who has qualms about taking hormones and has a latex allergy, for example, might be an ideal candidate for fertility awareness.

Like barrier methods , fertility awareness may not be the best contraceptive option for those women who want to avoid pregnancy at all costs. Perfect use of fertility awareness is over 90 percent effective in preventing pregnancy in the first year of use, and can be up to 99 percent effective. However, actual use of this method, which includes a backup method or abstinence during the fertility window, is considerably less effective. Twenty to 25 percent of women get pregnant during the first year of use.

Women who choose fertility awareness should have a regular menstrual cycle and should be very comfortable with their bodies. This is definitely an “earthy” method, particularly for those who opt to use the very accurate technique of sampling and analyzing their cervical mucus. Since the fertility-awareness method does not require any barrier method for the majority of a woman’s cycle, the method does not protect against STDs.

There are three common techniques used for fertility awareness, but many women use them in combination with one another to ensure effectiveness of the method.

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