Cheap Finasteride is a Generic Alternative for Propecia and Proscar

Although it may be hard to understand, these two medications use different dosages of the same generic medication, Finasteride. However, their uses are quite diverse, and they aren’t interchangeable. Because of Finasteride being absorbed through the skin of the mother, there can be some serious risks for the unborn baby. Propecia along with Proscar are administered strictly to males.

Proscar, which normally comes in apple-shaped 5 mg tablets, contains the larger dose of Finasteride. Propecia is a more minimal dosage of Finasteride in the amount of a single milligram pill. Splitting a Proscar tablet in an attempt to produce the effects associated with Propecia is not wise, since there is no way of knowing the dosage that each piece of the cut up tablet contains.

Likewise, five Propecia tablets should not be taken in an attempt to mimic the effects of Proscar, due to the other ingredients that are used in these medications. So, how do the two medications differ? Proscar is prescribed in cases of male enlarged prostate conditions. Proscar prevents male testosterone from turning into a substance called DHT, dihydrotestosterone. It has been shown that Proscar works as a preventative of prostate cancer for about one-quarter of the men who had the risk of developing this form of cancer. In contrast, Propecia is utilized for treating the problem referred to as male-pattern baldness. Propecia accomplishes this by performing in conjunction with the natural growth and shedding of hair in males. Following a three-month course of treatment with Propecia, hair loss slows down or ceases altogether. If you are currently using Propecia and seeing good results, it is advisable to keep taking this prescription. Once you stop taking the medication, hair loss will most likely return within a year, reverting to the pattern you noticed prior to medical intervention.

Finasteride is a prescription drug that requires a doctor’s consent or may be obtained from online pharmacies. Like many pharmaceutical drugs, Propecia and Proscar present certain side effects. While the body adjusts to the medication, men may notice loss of sexual desire, decreased semen, and hypersensitivity and minor skin irritations. Therefore, in order to make a decision as to whether or not to take these medications, you would have to review the advantages and disadvantages.

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