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Breast-Feeding Basics. Part 2

Call your baby’s doctor and a Lactation Consultant if these are not observed. Weight checks at the doctor’s office will verify weight gain. Continue reading →

Breast-Feeding Basics. Part 1

Use this as an easy reference while you and your baby are learning how to breast-feed.
* Offer the breast as soon as possible after delivery. The sooner and more often your baby nurses, the sooner your milk will come in. Continue reading →

Big Sister or Brother

Adjusting to another pregnancy and newborn baby can be just as difficult for the older child as for the parents. Couples who already have children may find that a new pregnancy will bring up issues they are not certain how to deal with. Understanding what to expect from your older child and how best to respond to potential problems will make the transition to a larger family easier for everyone.
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Dealing with Summer Pregnancy – 15 Ways to Keep Cool

Women who get pregnant in the winter, end up with a summer pregnancy. So how does one deal with the heat? There are several ways to deal with the high temperatures and humidity of the summer months, one just has to really become imaginative and determined to stay cool!
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What Every Parent Should Know About Two Dangerous Food Additives: MSG and Aspartame

Are parents unknowingly risking their children’s health with the food choices they make?

Numerous studies have shown that MSG and Aspartame are linked to brain damage in children. These substances are excitotoxins (a type of amino acid), which cause the brain cells to become excited and ultimately burn out. There is strong scientific evidence that these food additives which are pervasive in our food supply, are linked to brain tumors, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD, and learning and emotional difficulties. They are also associated with endocrine (hormonal) problems, including premature menstruation. Continue reading →

Nutrients and Your Baby. Part 2


Once your child hits the preschool years it becomes more difficult to keep their diet pure. They are well aware of potato chips and candy, trust me. Vegetables aren’t as exciting anymore. However, I have held to the belief that if you restrict something too much — it will be the first thing your child goes for when out of your sight. So, on special occasions I would not concern myself if my child wanted to eat chips or cookies … but on a daily basis I would keep their snack and food choices to more healthy options.
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Nutrients and Your Baby. Part 1

Beginning at birth, nutrition is a primary concern. I am a believer that you feed your baby when he is hungry, but do not force it. Allow the baby to set the pace. As the infant grows, you will be able to develop more of a schedule.

Your pediatrician will be able to guide you as to when to introduce cereal and “real” food — this generally does not occur before three months of age. While it’s tempting to want to share “treats” with the baby, resist the urge. Some foods can actually result in long-term allergies (i.e., peanut butter shouldn’t be given to a child under three years of age). Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from the chocolate cake and other fun foods until after one year of age.
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