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Naturally occurring human growth hormone, or HGH, was discovered in 1920. At first it was thought that the only function of HGH was to help a child’s body fully develop into that of an adult and to help the body’s organs function well. But the thinking on this has changed as research has shown that lower levels of HGH can cause signs of aging in those in their early twenties! This encourages people to buy HGH supplements in an effort to help reverse the signs and symptoms that are caused by declining levels of naturally produced HGH in the human body, and begin to return the body to the way it was when they were much younger.
Why do people purchase HGH even when it is very expensive?

What are some of the other choices open to those who are considering using HGH therapy and are they safe?

Because people today are much more health conscious and have a fear of aging and its consequences — weight gain, loss of muscle, anxiety, impotence, lack of energy — they are eager to spend money on HGH boosters. Of course, they are also willing to spend money on HGH to help treat conditions that result in stunted growth.

Because real HGH supplements help boost HGH levels in the human body by safely increasing production of this hormone slowly (in the case of herbal cures — synthetic HGH boosters such as injections can have adverse side effects — people who are HGH deficient are motivated to buy HGH supplements). A number of supplements are available that will help increase HGH levels in the human body. Prescription HGH products can be purchased or one can buy over the counter HGH products at an online pharmacy, such as sprays, powders and pills. HGH+ Releaser is one example of such a product. Doctors recommend this product to safely and steadily increase the production of human growth hormone and improve general well-being. Because this product utilizes real HGH in an herbal blend that is produced under very strict control, it is safer than products that employ synthetic HGH  and that can cause variable effects and potential side effects. And the HGH+ Releaser can be found at reasonable prices ranging from $49 to $114!

Who should buy HGH supplements?

What reliable HGH supplements are available today at a reasonable price?

People with decreased natural HGH production and low HGH levels due to an under active pituitary gland or advancing age are normally eager to buy HGH supplements that are safe and that will keep them youthful throughout their lives. An IGH-1 level below 190 could indicate that HGH levels are low and, if not treated, could potentially lead to Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

In 1997 the FDA approved HGH treatment for adults and manufacturers rushed to produce prescription HGH formulations for adults. But these products were often prohibitively priced, with annual costs as high as $25,000, so when herbal HGH boosters arrived on the market, people were happy to be able to buy effective HGH products at a reasonable cost.

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