Big Sister or Brother

Adjusting to another pregnancy and newborn baby can be just as difficult for the older child as for the parents. Couples who already have children may find that a new pregnancy will bring up issues they are not certain how to deal with. Understanding what to expect from your older child and how best to respond to potential problems will make the transition to a larger family easier for everyone.

When you find yourself pregnant again or decide to plan getting pregnant second time , you may be concerned about how your firstborn child will deal with it. Parents often find themselves worrying about what the addition of a new baby might do to the first child, whether he will feel neglected, unloved, or jealous, and whether he will resent the new baby for taking his parents’ attention away. Parents sometimes ask themselves if they have enough love to go around, or if they will lose the special bond they have with their first child. These concerns are very common.

Doctors and psychologists have done extensive research on children and how they react to new siblings. All firstborn children probably display, to some degree, the behaviors you will find your child exhibiting.

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